MS Gandalf

MS Gandalf

The MS Gandalf is a small river cruise ship that can carry a maximum of 22 passengers.

  • length: 45 m (148 ft), width: 6,20 m ( 21 ft) droad laft:
    1,45 m (5 ft)
  • crew 2-3 man/women
  • sails under a Dutch flag
  • Languages spoken on board: English, German, Dutch
  • WiFi available

MS Gandalf - decks

  • 10 outside cabins, approx. 10 sqm (108 sq ft)
  • level-access single beds

All cabins aboard the MS Gandalf with en-suite bathrooms, openable bull eyes and centrally controlled heating. Energy is produced with solar panels, so there will be no power generator running at night.

MS Gandalf - cabin
Cabins on the MS Gandalf

  • spacious saloon
  • 2 sundecks seated
  • storage space for bikes
  • Wi-Fi available

MS Gandalf - restaurant

Saloon and sun roof aboard the MS Gandalf

MS Gandalf - sunroof

For health and safety reasons, smoking on MS Gandalf is only permitted on the sun deck!

In 2020, the Gandalf will be sailing on

In 2021, the Gandalf will be sailing on